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"Our Heartland Hospice Experience"

Heartland Hospice serving South Central Wisconsin recently received a 7-page letter, entitled “Our Hospice Experience” from Liz Betancourt, the daughter of a former patient. Read the highlights below to find out about her positive experience with Heartland…

“Heartland sent out Lori Febringer, who would become mom's nurse and Megan, the Social Worker. These two ladies patiently answered the barrage of questions from my sister and me for over an hour. 

They provided lots of practical advice right off the bat; they were honest as to the services they could provide and very willing to work with us. We felt very much at ease with them right away. Lori addressed my mom directly, smiled at her and even held her hand. She struck me as genuinely compassionate and caring.  Our experience with all the nurses, CNA's and staff from Heartland has been so positive that my only regret is that we delayed signing mom on to hospice until her last few months of life...”

“…Lori was very personable and patient with me, gentle and kind with mom. Within one day (Lori's 1st visit), Lori had mom’s long list of meds purged and readjusted to a one more appropriate for a terminal patient (something we had been trying to do for months)...”

“…When there was difficulty with a family member not wanting to give pain medication she was quick to offer to make a second visit in order to speak directly with the family. She stayed as long as needed, patiently answering questions and offered to come again early the next morning. She won over that reluctant family member by offering to stay with mom and do paperwork while encouraging her to go for a walk.  Lori's demeanor is very relaxed and professional but what impressed us the most was her genuine compassion. I even witnessed when she kissed mom on the forehead the night before she died. It truly felt as if we had a close friend with us helping us get through a difficult time. We met her when we interviewed with Heartland and she is the main reason we chose Heartland...”

“…It is these and many other things that my family and I witnessed while mom was with Heartland Hospice that changed what we thought would be a tragic and dark experience to a peaceful and beautiful one. We will now forever treasure the passing of our sweet mother as a dear memory...”

“We will forever be in your debt for the help and support you gave all of us.”

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