Words of Appreciation

Heartland Hospice Services Columbus

Every day, our centers and hospice and home care agencies receive thanks for the care they have provided to a patient or someone’s loved one.  Many say they don't have the words to describe their appreciation and simply say "Thanks."  Below is a letter from the family of a patient of Heartland Hospice Services in Columbus, Ohio in appreciation of the care provided to him.

I would like to pass on our most sincere gratitude and appreciation to your service and particularly to one of your extraordinary RNs, Dolores.  Thanks to the caring nurses at Heartland of Westerville, we were made aware of your services.  Yesterday, at around 4:30 p.m., Holly, the nurse caring for my father-in-law, Clifford, suggested we might consider getting your service involved.  She made the contact for us, and by 5:15 p.m. Dolores was on-site and getting us on track with Cliff's situation.  She was very professional and informative, but never once lost sight of our feelings and fears.  She moved quickly to assess his condition and advised us of every step she took to get him comfortable.

Unfortunately, his condition deteriorated very rapidly, and he was in a lot of distress.  Dolores moved quickly and decisively to get doctors’ orders established and eventually was able to gain control of his pain and agitation, allowing his last hour with us to be at peace.  Cliff passed at approximately 12:50 a.m. and would have been in far greater distress had it not been for the care and compassion given by Dolores.  She extended that compassion and concern to my family and me throughout this troubling time, as well.  We will be forever grateful to her for the time she gave our family.
Please convey our thanks and gratitude to her.

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